Woman Ministry

“Woman why weepiest thou?” is one of the monthly meetings of the Ernest Odogba Ministries, this is a vision and a mandate given to Pastor Ernest Odogba to provide spiritual coverage and guidance for women who are going through crisis and emotional, marriage , family, business and financial problems etc. women who have struggled to overcome traumas , tragedies and disappointments. The ministry of Pastor Ernest Odogba has taught these women to cleanse their heart and mind to develop a better relationship with God and their respective families. The woman why weepiest thou? Meeting has exposed these countless numbers of women to the truth behind the struggles of everyday women.

Some of those things that tie up these women are directly related to the way their minds have been programmed. The battles of the mind are part of challenges that keep women in darkness from seeing their God-ordained destiny, but through the woman why weepiest thou? A light has shone on these women, their business, finances, families, etc. God has raised these women to become an intercessor for their children and husbands. We believe that we  are in a prophetic season and God wants to loose women in their mind, attitude, emotions, spirit, finances, marriage, work, ministry, to take their stand in the kingdom and possess and recover all that the enemy had stolen from them.

Through Ernest Odogba Ministries, women have experienced freedom in God, freedom from temptation, sin, guilt, the traumatic relationship in the past, and today are living a happy life. God has healed their thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and body.