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Pastor Israel Paul
The teenage ministry of covenant Life Ministry, started in the mind of our mentor, teacher, and our father and mother Rev. Dr. Ernest & Pastor (Mrs) Helen Odogba as a result of their love and burden for young persons who have lost their sense of value, purpose and vision for life and has been held in bondage and prison of emotional trauma, drugs abuse, and rejection etc.  Through the help of the Holy spirit, they gathered hundreds of teenagers from all works of life within the country every year to impact upon to them the knowledge of God’s word and the investment of God’s personality. As a result of their yearly camp meetings held in the northern part of Nigeria, Kaduna state to beprecise, active and dedicated teenagers havebeen raised to be responsible to their families,communities, and the church of God. In most of the camp meetings held from 2013 – 2015, we have recorded dynamic testimonies of transformed lives when hundreds of teenagers run out to accept Jesus Christ, and receive the fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit. We also experience fresh out-pouring of the Holy Ghost.It was one of the unforgettable moments likethat of the AZUSA experience in the early days. Joel 2: 28-29 was actively in action.
In one of the camp meetings, we recorded a testimony of a teenager by name MICHAEL,who came to cause distraction in the camp, not knowing that God was ordering his step to be transformed. For two days, his plans were not achieved. God arrested him. HE was a drug addict, a bad boy to the core, but after deep and life transforming teaching by Pastor Ernest Odogba, he became born again, Holy Ghostfilled, and tongues speaking Christian. Today he is an active member of the teen’s ministry doing great exploits for the kingdom of God.
Another young teenager came to one our camp meetings by the name CHRIS Rankin, Who Joined the MINISTRY after one of the teen’s camp meetings, he had been playing football and his skills were not noticed, but since he joined the teens’ church his football carrier has changed completely. He has won several awards and medals. Presently, he is in GHANA playing football to the glory of GOD.
The teens ministry which started years ago has grown into a mega and well established Ministry in Kaduna state where hundreds of teenagers gathered to worship every Sunday for dynamic worship experience, and every Friday for mass gospel campaign (mass evangelism). This group of teenagers are passionate about thevision and mission that God has given toCovenant Life Ministry.
Core value of our teens’ ministry
There are three core values that our teens’ministry stands for. They are:
1. Leading teenagers to a “deeper commitment and greater service for Christ.” Teenagers must be helped to realize that a personal relationship with Christ is the answer to their deepest needs.“The Good News offer lost people what they are frantically searching for: forgiveness, freedom, security, purpose, love, acceptance, and strength. It settles our past, assures our future, and gives meaning to today”. We are not just claiming that Jesus Christ is the answer; it’s showing in our lives. We are showing teenagers how Christ is the answer in relevant and practical ways.
2. We help teenagers develop a lifestyle of holiness, evangelism, worship, fellowship, discipleship, and ministry. Our goal is to produce doers of the Word, not hearers only – to transform, not merely inform”.
3. We teach young teenagers life skills to prepare them to handle character-building circumstances like conflict, disappointment, difficulty, temptation and delays

Our Goals as a Ministry
Covenant life teens’ ministry attempts to reach the following goals:
• Foster total personal and spiritual growth.
• Draw young people to responsible participation in the life and mission of Covenant Life Ministry.
It would be incomplete to build a vision of teens’ ministry without attempting to consider addressing these goals for teenagers of all ages and levels of participation.
Therefore, Covenant Life Teen’s Ministry attempts to reach teenagers of all ages – from elementary to early adult life – since growth and participation does not start nor end at a specific age.
Components of our Teens Ministry
While attempting to reach teenagers of all ages, Covenant Life Teens Ministry consists of sevenimportant elements:
• Word – evangelization, catechesis
• Worship – liturgy, prayer, music
• Ministry – active participation
• Guidance and healing – counseling and reconciliation
• Justice and service – broadening concerns beyond themselves
• Enablement – lead, minister to them; draw adults to share experiences
Our Teen’s Ministry is modeled after The Great Commission (Matt. 28: 19-20). Luke 14:23
“Then the master told his servant, ‘Go out to the roads and country lanes and make them come in, so that my house will be full”.
However, as teenagers, we recognize that the best results come from realizing that there is a progression to serving Christ. We must first know Christ (fellowship) in order to grow in Christ (discipleship) that allows one to then serve Christ (ministry), and finally share Christ (evangelism).
Also, often times, some ministries fail to recognize even the basic aspect that, in order toserve, you must first love yourself and then others.
“Let us go to love and serve the Lord and each other!”