Report from Pastor Clement Osas


By Pastor Clement Osas
The servant of God, Dr Ernest Odogba, General Overseer-Covenant Life Ministry International is indeed an Icon in this present dispensation for his tremendous contributions to revival and reawaking of today’s Christianity. A mentor to thousands of up-coming ministers of God including my humble self. His exemplary life of total humility is one of the binding sites for his numerous followers and admirers. His down to earth way of life is enviable by other great men of God who follow the footsteps of our Lord Jesus. He preferred to serve others rather than to be served irrespective of age, gender and background. The pathfinder is a reliable and dependable God’s General of the 21st century.
God has used the servant of God to wrought special miracles just like the biblical days of Apostle Paul. This is a confirmation of his commission into kingdom work by Jesus Christ Himself who appeared to him at his tender age. During the Dunamis Fire Conference, now International Gathering of Conquerors (IGC), a power packed annual programme of the ministry, diverse miracles are recorded. For example, the 2009 edition of the conference held at the open field of Ungwan Maichibi in Kaduna, Nigeria, a middle age woman who was having a large mass of goitre bulgling down her neck got disappeared instantly after his ministration. At the same conference, A lawyer who was totally blind and was led to the venue of the programme by his relatives received his sight, also a deaf and dumb teenage girl began to hear and speak at the programme, to mention but a few, Till date, the annual fire conference has been recording diverse miracles, beyond human comprehension. He uses his gift freely to the glory of God without demanding any form of gift in return.
The rugged Evangelist and Pastor is also a notable Teacher of high repute. His inspirational bible dissection, analysis, incisive and exposition teaching makes the Word of God looks more real, factual and comprehensible. His passion for soul winning is second to none. Evangelism is his watch word. He has created and established different arms for this purpose with the ultimate aim to populate heaven. He organizes programmers for the prostitutes and drunkards with many giving their lives to Christ. “WOMAN WHY WEEPEST THOU?” is a programme he organizes for the women that are hurt. “MINISTER FELLOWSHIP LEAGUE” is a forum he initiated with the aim of maintaining ministerial standard, church growth and fresh fire for effective ministry with all ministers irrespective of denomination to foster better relations and unity within the body of Christ.
A prolific and inspirational author, he has written many books ranging from marriage stability, financial empowerment, spiritual warfare, socio-psychological reformation and daily devotional -MIGHTY WORRIOR. He has used his wealth of experience in the ministry and mental acumen to put down in writing for our benefit and to be blessing to this generation. His books are not only educative and instructive but also carry divine power. A lots of testimonies have been shared by different people who used his books to neutralize the power of wicked and satanic manipulation
Ernest Odogba is an epitome of simplicity and humility, a humanitarian and philanthropist whose house is open to all irrespective of gender and background, The less privileged sought solace in his open door policy in putting smiles on all faces. He is a source of encouragement to many people.
Married to a virtuous woman, a mother in Israel with total humility, my beloved Mummy, Pastor Helen Odogba. They are blessed with children among whom is Pastor Jeffrey Odogba who is doing exploit for the Lord