Miracles And Testimonies

Sister Tabitha,
I want to return all the glory to God for delivering me from death. Three years ago, during my child delivery, the doctor told me that I could not deliver normally except through operation. But before then, I went to Pastor Mrs. Helen Odogba to clear my woman fellowship due for that year, so Mummy signed the card showing that I have clear my dues for the year.

So at the cause of the C.S (Operation) I die and I find myself in another world very beautiful, with sound of beautiful music as I wanted to enter the gate,  my Pastor, Pastor Dr. Ernest Odogba appeared and said woman are you not a member of Covenant Life Church, where are you going? And I told him I want to enter heaven. He asked me again what are you holding in your hand. I told him it was women fellowship card that mummy, Pastor Helen Odogba had signed for me, that I have cleared my monthly due for the year. So, Pastor Ernest Odogba collected the card and lookedthrough it and said to me you cannot go in now it is not yet time for you to go in, go back.

Immediately as if a force pushed me, that is how I came back to life, my life was preserved and the life of the BABY. Ever since then, the baby never gets sick from that year up still today. I want to thank God ALMIGHTY and the man of God Dr. Ernest Odogba for his prayers and support to my family.


Sister Esther
I have been living with my husband for over seven years now with three kids, but a few months ago my husband change completely and started keeping latenights and often drunk. He returns home between 12am – 2am in the morning daily, and if I talk to him about his late nights, he would beat me with the pregnancy that I am carrying. One of the nights, he told me to pack my belongings and leave his house that he wantedto marry another wife that would take care of his children, that he was tired of me. He said he didn’t want me as his wife anymore, that I should go back to my father’s house. He stopped eating my food. I cried to the God that called Pastor Ernest Odogba to come to my aid. So somebody told me about woman why weepiest thou? That faithful month I attended the meeting, during the meeting we prayed fervently, after the word of God, the man of God Pastor Ernest Odogba prayed a prophetic prayer and gave us mustardseed as our prophetic weapon. I mixed the mustard seed with his food and water and as God will have it,he was very hungry and GOD compelled him to eat the food. So as usual he went out to drink that night he discovered he lost the taste for alcohol, for over a week he was not himself, and came back begging me to forgive him for his behavior toward me. I want to thank God for using pastor Ernest Odogba Ministries to restore my Marriage.


I had an accident in 2008 that made my right leg to become shorter than the other. I had thought it was a minor problem but I was wrong. My walking became visibly distorted. I could not maintain a balance as I walked. My pitiable condition continued until some few years back when I enrolled in the Healing School conducted by GOD’s servant, Dr. Ernest Odogba. The man of God made me to sit on a bench with my two legs stretched forward. The right leg was visibly shorter. As the anointed man of GOD prayed for me, I felt a surge of current in my leg. Like a flash, I discovered that my shorter leg had grown out to become equal with the other leg! Today I remained healed. I am walking normally till date. Praise GOD.
– Sis. Victoria

I have been believing GOD for the fruit of the womb until 2008 when a medical report dashed my hope. The doctor told me that I won’t be able to give birth to children again because my fallopian tubes were blocked. In 2009, I attended the healing school, the next month, being September 2009, I became pregnant! In May 2010, I gave birth to a bouncing baby girl. I now believe that miracles are real.
– Sis. Sefiya

I have been suffering from cancer of the breast, I went to hospital and the doctor said that the only solution is to cut off my breast, I was crying and disturbed as a single lady. The breast was very strong like a stone. So the doctor told me to make up my mind for the breast to be cut off before it becomes too late. When I heard of the healing school with Pastor Ernest Odogba, I decided to enroll. As the man of GOD came to pray for us, immediately I felt something moving in my breast so I touched it and discovered that it was soft I could not believe myself so I pressed my breast over and over, it was very soft and smooth. The cancer has disappeared. What the doctor said was impossible became possible with GOD. Really GOD is here. Hallelujah
– Sis, Ada

Sis. Philomina has been living a comfortable married life until she was attacked by a ravaging, life threatening cancer that took hold of her entire uterus. The illness was so severe that she was confined to a chair. Family members and sympathizers got news of Covenant Life Ministry and brought her to the church. To the glory of God, after pastor Ernest Odogba ministered, the cancer was healed. Doctors in Ahmadu Bello Univeristy Teaching Hospital (ABUTH) Zaria, Kaduna state, Nigeria confirmed her healing. Praise God.

I am applicant who could not even boast of the usual daily meals, life was hard and unbearable as contacts seemed locked and friends were not supportive. I was isolated, tired and frustrated. But I had faith in God of Covenant hence my decision to enroll in the Healing School, God began to open doors of favourfor me. It was so evident that a week later, a friend bought me a car! I am now enjoying a new lease of life. Hallelujah
– Bro. Mike