We are living in a very prophetic moment, and there are shakings going on across the globe. There are shaking going on in nations, in the governmental systems, economic system, social system, health sector etc. People are being held in bondage by satanic spells and powers. But in the midst of these difficult moments, God has sent a prophetic voice with an APOSTOLIC mandate to bring healing, deliverance, freedom to those who are kept in prisons of pain, sickness, diseases, barrenness, hard drug, poverty, unemployment, marital hindrances, etc.
Rev. Dr. Ernest Odogba is a dynamic teacher and preacher of the Gospel of the Kingdom with undeniable miracles, signs and wonders, an ambassador of the KINGDOM and APOSTLE of the message of mindset. God, through the ministries of Pastor Ernest Odogba has transformed the lives of millions of people from all works of lives who havecome in contact with his ministries. Since the Ernest Odogba Ministries started thousands of people from all works of live has been totally transformed. People who were at the point of giving up on life, whom the devil have held in bondage  have been set free through Ernest Odogba ministries. Ernest Odogba ministries are divided into different department namely:
¥ The CP Team
¥ The faith Clinic
¥ 1oo fold impartation blessing for financial multiplication
¥ Singles fellowship
¥ Woman why weepiest thou?
¥ Minister’s fellowship league
¥ The Teens Ministry
¥ The healing School
Through each of the weekly and monthly ministries of the Ernest Odogba Ministries, we have recorded earth shaking testimonies that words alone cannot expressed. It is characterize by uncommon result that generations will leave to talk about.