imageMinisters’ Fellowship League

This great vision of the ministers fellowship league first began as a burden God put in the heart of God’s servant Rev Dr. Ernest Odogba, he foresaw a forum where ministers of the gospel from different denominations will always come together to interact with each other, to discuss some of the challenge facing them and their church and ministry, and to be taught through the help of the Holy Spirit on how they can solve this challenge by changing their mind for effectiveness and exploit in ministry.

God has given Dr. Ernest Odogba our apostolic father the mandate to encourage aged and young ministers of the gospel to stand firm in their calling and the assignment given to them by God, so as not to be distracted by anything, that ministers should be sincere about whatever task they have been called to do, he tells ministers that faithfulness is the key to productivity in ministry and also to teach ministers to let the love of God be the centre of everything they are doing in ministry.

The first ministers fellowship held by Rev Dr. Ernest Odogba in July 7th 2015 at Advocate kings hall, Kaduna, Nigeria where hundreds of pastors, bishops, apostles, prophets, evangelists, leaders of Pentecostal fellowship of Nigeria, Christian association of Nigeria and church workers from every parts of the country gather to be taught the word of God.

Majority who were at the edge of giving up in ministry and in their assignment, got their hope fired back to life. This first meeting men and woman of God have been coming from every part of the country to be bless and have time to interact with other ministers. with testimonies from every angle, ministers who were not talking with each other got reconcile as a result of the teaching of God’s servant.

Rev Dr. Ernest Odogba an apostle of the gospel of the Mind, has helped a lot of men and woman of God who came to the ministers fellowship league breakfast had their vision recaptured through the teaching of mindset taught by him.

The ministers’ fellowship league has imported insight for ministry excellence and growth.

In one of the ministers fellowship league held in august 2015, a pastor shared his testimony of transformation message of “mindset” thought by Dr. Ernest Odogba.
He received an invitation to attend the meeting in July, as a pastor he had stopped going to church for over a year now, he had given up on God and ministry due to the failure he has faced in the ministry but after the message taught by the man of God, Rev Dr. Ernest Odogba, he discovered that the problem was not God but it was his mindset from that moment his ministry was restored and today to the glory of God he is back to the ministry, and so many other ministers who had been experiencing failure and discouragement get increase as a result of all what has being imparted into them every first Tuesday of the month in the Ministers Fellowship League.

A lot of the ministers see the time as too short for them to be taught by Rev Ernest Odogba, mostly how he made what is usually not available among senior pastors  possible as ministers to have access to him to ask and discuss with him, even giving ministers his phone numbers, ministers are always served with very rich and quality breakfast provided for by God servant, not just meals, but he is also in the habit of always giving out gifts to ministers. Like the beautiful car he gave to one of the ministers at the first breakfast meeting, he gave the car gift to Rev. Dr. Kingsley Adibe.

The Ministers Fellowship League is indeed a place to belong as God has provided it through the man of God, we thank God for all this!

July: 105 Ministers
August: 116 Ministers
September: 106 Ministers
October: 100 Ministers

The officers::
Rev Henry Poto
Rev Dr. Kingsley Adibe
Rev Emma Adoyi
Pst Israel Paul
Pst Friday Paul
Pst Onyebuchi

The work of God in the hands of ministers will never be the same again because of wonderful visionary fellowship of Rev Dr. Ernest Odogba and we thank god that testimonies still continue to come from ministers all around Nigeria.

Rev Henry Poto