Picture 063Hundredfold
The hundred fold meeting is one of the monthly meeting of the Ernest Odogba Ministries where great men and women from all works of life gather to be imparted with wisdom for financial intelligence. The ministry of Dr. Ernest Odogba has helped these business men and women within the ministry and outside the ministry. They have experienced unlimited breakthrough. People who were financially handicap before are now business experts, own houses, pertaining, investment, through the unveiling of hidden secrets in the word of God parting kingdom wealth that were hidden in secret places of the earth. Pastor Ernest Odogba taught these men and women to go and claimed their riches locked up in hidden places, that God has given them the mandate to go in to the enemy camp and reclaim their treasure through the application of the power of the mind, wisdom and kingdom principles.
Over the years, Ernest Odogba Ministries hashelped people, teams, and organizations who were seeking to:
• Improve individual performance in businessesand financial productivity.
• Address leadership development and succession planning.
• Make a significant impact on their long-term success.
• Sharpen the leadership skills of high potential individuals.
• Change behavior of men and women to make a long-term positive impact on organization, business, and ministry performance.
• Develop the skill set of current and future leaders business, families and ministry.
• Build more effective teams.
• Address specific workplace problems.
• Build job-critical competencies.
• Achieve individual performance objectives aligned with organizational goals.
• Raise employee engage
Ernest Odogba Ministries provide a catalyst for change and equip men and women with the tools, knowledge, wisdom and opportunities they need to help them focus on the specific goals they want to achieve. We have recorded praise report of the impacts of the hundred fold impartation for financial blessing. Here is the Highlight of the testimonies recorded during one of the meetings.

I want to thank God for what he has done for me. For years I have been working under somebody, but due to the troubles going on in the country, my boss traveled because of the election tension in the country. For over five months my boss refused to return, so I decided to put the teaching I have been receiving from my Man of God, Pastor Ernest Odogba about possibility MINDSET and the impartation I had been receiving for financial breakthrough. I am here to testify that today I own a business of my own, with people working for me. Not only that, I have properties, and investments. I want to thank the man of God for the idea of hundred fold blessing. It is specially design for my breakthrough.
Pastor Israel Paul