Healing School

The ministry of Dr. Ernest Odogba is a story of extra ordinary divine encounters and demonstration of GOD’s grace in  human vessels.
When Jesus appeared to Dr. Ernest Odogba as a little boy in his Ekrahaven village now in Delta state, the Lord specifically sent him to the nations of the world. The little Ernest had knelt down on the street of his village, bowing his face down directly at the feet of Jesus and asking the Lord to release His power and anointing on him that will enable him to do the big task. His request was granted as Jesus laid His hands on him and released the power of ministry into him. From that day, healings, sign and wonders began to follow everywhere the young Ernest went to minster. His divine encounter with the Lord was to be repeated years later as he was praying in his room one certain night and Jesus appeared to him again, dressed like a Jew and introduced Himself as the Ancient of Days. In this encounter, Jesus taught him some deeper rudiments about the healing ministry. Notable healing miracles began to happen from that day. People with fibroid goiter, diabetes, kidney problems and other ailments would be brought to him for prayer. Many were healed.
In the year 1995, based on divine instruction, Dr. Ernest Odogba started his ministry, the Covenant Life ministry, based in Sabo, Kaduna in Northern Nigeria. Today, the ministry stands out as a leading healing ministry in Kaduna, Northern Nigeria.
Because of the need to reach out to wider range of people desiring divine healing, the HEALING SCHOOL was started. The school which kicked off in 2008 had seen different people from different parts of Nigeria attended with various ailments – so many were healed.
The Healing School is a power packed center where tremendous miracles were recorded every time. Sicknesses, diseases, childlessness, curses, unemployment, setbacks, poverty, marital problems, spiritual attacks and others were silenced as crowds attend the Healing School. Many women who were once barren now have their children. A particular woman who was childless for 21 years now has two wonderful kids because she attended the Healing School. People who were medically tested to be HIV positive were also healed as they came to the Healing School. Medical tests confirmed their healing. We have seen growths disappeared from people’s bodies in the Healing school. Healing of goiter, hernia and cancerous growths have been experienced in the healing school.
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb. 13:8). Jesus still heals! Thousands have seen the healing grace of Jesus manifested in the Healing school. The school runs for a week once every month. Everyone that ever attended the Healing school had a good story to tell. Attend now because it’s your time for an incredible encounter with Jesus. For details and inquiries, contact Pst. Gabriel: +2348032141107.