Hard Talk To Youth


The rod and reproof give wisdom: buy a child left to himself bringeth his mother shame. –Prov. 29:15

YOUTHFUL INDEPENDENCE: Eccl. 11:10, Eph. 4:17, Prov. 29:17, Eccl. 2:1.

Independence is a natural tendency in every man, and is especially strong in the youth who wants to assert his independence. It is generally observed that the desire for independence in a child increases as the child enters adolescent age. This desire soon becomes a serious problem, especially in his/her prime. If this problem is left unattended to, he or she may soon be drown in a sea of troubles and dangers of youth age. As a youth, if you insist on organizing your life by yourself alone, making your own decision independent of God, your parents/tutors and despising godly instructions, then know that your potential talents and gifts may never be realized. Don’t forget the bitter experience of the prodigal son, who wanted his own ways, but lost and wasted all he ever was given at the end. Very soon you will no longer have pleasure in all that is your fantasy today.

BITTER FRUITS OF YOUTHFUL INDEPENDENT LIFE: Gen. 26:34-35, Gen. 34:1-5, Judges 14:2-3, 6 – 9, 16:1, 19 – 21.

God will hold every youth responsible for the ills that come upon him/her because of their independent life, this is why we think of what the scripture reveals about people like Dinah, Samson and Esau. Dinah here went out without her parents’ consent, on a careless and casual expedition. She went on her own way and took an independent decision which resulted in the loss of her virginity and a disgraceful bitter experience of rape. That single act ended her history as a daughter of covenant. Samson began living independently by insisting on his choice of a wife, even when his parents objected to it. He progressed in this attitude to the point of hiding key things that happened around his life. These landed him in prison without eyes in camp of his enemies. What a great loss and waste to heaven. Esau was a man who will not stay at home, he was on his own, always in the open field. His self-willed life led him to even marry independently to his parents’ consent or will. A youth who is not always at home will never know the devotions of his or her parents and receive instructions. Isaac loved Esau and ate of his savory food, yet heaven had rejected him, Esau, through his independent living, lost his birth right and favour before his parents. But Jacob being a homely boy, could hear and listen to divine instructions.