Steps How To Win Souls

Soul winning is the heart beat of Jesus Christ. Go ye into the world and preach …. Is the last assignment given to believers before He left. The best way of winning soul is one on one evangelism. If every believe have that soul winning vision and win one person to Christ in a year and disciple him to maturity and also win a soul in a year we will depopulate hell to populate heaven. In no time we win them all.

There are people waiting to hear the good news of the love and forgiving grace of Jesus Christ we have to look for them. Look for the right person whose heart God has pre arrange for the gospel. Not everyone will listen to you but the right person will listen and follow you. Spend you time and resources until he follows you to church feed him with God’s word in prayer, attending Bible Study, prayer meeting and Sunday services the make sure he join the circle of winning souls. Until this is accomplished within the year we have not fulfil the “Go ye” assignment

To achieve this:
1. Look around in your neighbourhood, office or school
2. Tell them the need to share the love and good news of Jesus with them. (If he did not accept look for someone else, if he accept go to the next step)
3. Share your personal experience with your life without Christ and point him to know the new, happy, hopeful life you now have in Christ. Point him to the peace you now have in Christ and how God loved him and wants him to believe in Him and serve Him with all his heart.
4. Lead him in the repentance prayer if he accept to receive Christ as Lord and Saviour
5. After the prayer call him/her your brother/sister take his contact address and phone number
6. Tell him your church activity and invite him to church. You can actually to to his house on Sunday morning and bring him to church.
7. After church service look for him and introduce him to your friends in church and make him belong so he feel it is a home not a visitor

Take 5 to 10 minutes everyday to pray for him. Sent text messages to him almost every other day.

One of the fastest growing church in the Middle East is Iran which started with one affecting another person within the Moslem community.