From ADVOCATE Secretary

Advocate International Schools is a conventional Western Education School located in Kaduna City, Kaduna State, Nigeria. It was inaugurated on the 12thof September, 2012.
The school was founded by Rev. (Dr) Ernest Odogba out of his vision for raising a generation of Nigerians who would be of benefit to the Nigerian society and the world at large. From inception, this school has been committed to taking care of the three learning domain of the child, which are the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor. It has well trained staff with good education background and several years of teaching experience.
The location of the school, being in a serene environment has helped in making learning very effective, while training these young ones intellectually. The school also lays emphasis on developing the moral and spiritual lives of its pupils and students.
When the school was inaugurated in 2012, it started with a total number of 40 students and 19 teaching and non-teaching staff. It commenced with pre-nursery, nursery 1 & 2, primary 1 -5, JSS1 and JSS 2 classes. Presently the number of pupils / students in the school has shoot up to 203 students and 30 teaching and non-teaching staff. It has also developed to have JSS 1 – 3 classes and SSS 1 -3 classes. In 2013, some classes had to split into two because of the large number of students in them.
As a result of the population and the need to meet the required standard in education, the building of the school had to be raised from one storey to two story building in order to provide more classes.
Advocate International Schools has well-equipped Science and Home economic laboratories to help students learn practicals. It also has a large examination hall which is capable of carrying over 400 students. There are several extra-curricular activities observed in the school, but the notable ones are the Speech and Prize Giving Day, Cultural Day, Spelling Competition and Cooking Week. Club activities like Press club, Literary and Debating Society, Jets club are also available.
Presently, the school having met the standard required by the Ministry of Education, has an approved and registered centre for Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) which is necessary for the transition of students from secondary school to tertiary institutions.
Plans are on to link the school with international institutions so that students of Advocate International Schools can go on facility visits to countries like United State of America, France and Canada as it works with a Canadian educationist, Raymond Botten. Next year 2016, it will be graduating its first set of senior secondary school students.
Little drops of water they say make an ocean. However, Advocate International Schools has taken giant strides in its three years of existence. Our students enjoy just about the best form of education in the country with the least possible cost. Our work speaks for itself.
If so much can be achieved within this short time, imagine how much can be achieved in the next five years with the right planning and concerted effort. We are looking forward to achieving our set targets and, if possible, surpass it.