Rev Dr Ernest Odogba is the Founder and President of Covenant Life Ministry in Kaduna, Nigeria with branches within Kaduna and in different States of the nation.  He came from a very humble background and that did not deter him from achieving great success today. He was born and bred up at Ekrerhavwe in Delta State.  He is married to Rev Mrs Helen Odogba and they are blessed with four adorable children.
He gave his life to Christ in 1979 at a very tender age of 14 in his home town.  Still at his teens he had an encounter that completely changed his entire life. While in the kitchen with his mother he heard a loud voice by the road side “Who will I send, who will go for me”?  The voice caught his attention and he ran outside to see who was shouting.  Behold it was Jesus Christ dressed in the Jewish regalia.  He stood in wonder and admiration and asked “Jesus, you came to my village”? Jesus was still shouting “Who will I send, who will go for me”?  Then in response he said “Here I am, send me” The young Ernest Odogba asked Jesus, “A lot of people are suffering and some are sick how can I go without the anointing”? Then Jesus touched him and released power on him.
From then, as a secondary school student he started ministering to the sick. There was this case of a student that suddenly died in the school and was raised back to life after his prayers. Pastors who had seen and heard about the grace of God upon his life would come to his school to pick him up to go and minister in a crusade in a different state of the nation. Testimonies abound of people got healed, demonic possessed people who received deliverance and thousands giving their lives to Christ.
When he completed his tertiary education he left his home town for Lagos in search of employment.  In Lagos he was gainfully employed in a Pharmaceutical Company.  There he also joined Deeper Christian Life Bible Church, Lagos.
In the process of time, God spoke to him to go to Kaduna in 9 years time to start his ministry.  While in Kaduna he still joined Deeper Life Church. In Deeper Life he served in various departments as security personnel, student teacher and rose to the rank of a coordinator and district pastor. He ventured in to business as a producer, manufacturer and supplier.  He was a very successful businessman before he heeded the call of God to start his ministry after the expiration of the 9 years God told him.
Before his exit from Deeper Life Church he formally got the blessing of the State Overseer who prayed for him and gave him his blessing.
On 1st October 1995 he started Covenant Life Ministry.  He was a television Evangelist with Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) African Independent Television (AIT) and African Cable Broadcasting Network (ACBN) and has authored over 2o books.  His VCD and Video/Audio tapes have been a blessing to millions of people.  Aside from being the Senior Pastor of CLM he runs the Ernest Odogba Ministries Outreach featuring:
·        Ernest Odogba Miracle Crusade
·        Woman Why Weepest Thou
·        100 Fold impartation
·        Healing School
·        Faith Clinic
·        Teens Outreach
·        Singles Outreach
·        Ministers’ Fellowship League
Rev Odogba has held so many crusades and conferences both within and outside the country with proven signs, wonders and healings which are medically verified and salvation of souls.
He has great passion for the poor, orphans and widows and often times shared relief materials to them. Sometimes he visits orphanage homes with a team of his staff where he donates gift items of different types. He shows his philanthropy by helping students who could not afford to go to school by offering them scholarships and sponsorships. He has touched so many lives in diverse ways including the staff and ministers working under him.
Dr Ernest has a very pleasant disposition.  With the gift of God upon his life, the exploits he is doing and the great success he has attained, he still remained humble. This has endowed him with so many friends and well wishers.
There is no doubt that the ministry of Rev Dr Ernest Odogba is a great blessing to this generation.
He is obviously a servant of God to be associated with.

For more information contact his Personal Assistance +2348033174110