IGC 2019

Get set for 2019 INTERNATIONAL GATHERING OF CONQUERORS. It will be a season of refreshment from the Lord. Both morning and evening sessions will be power packed and endowed with fresh anointing. Call for hotel reservation. The healing and deliverance session will be for the sick and demonic afflicted people. We are expecting everyone to come. If you need further assistance or more information call us or send your mail to covenantlife95@gmail.com. We would be glad to receive you.

Watch out for our Covenant Life Television channel soon

2019 is you Moment of Grace. Expect great and wonderful opportunity you never expected to open up for you. Rev. Dr. Ernest Odogba the Pastor of Covenant Life Ministry welcomes you to a year you will learn great things and achieve greater results in Jesus Name. Welcome to this website. There are lots of events, news and blog for you to explore.

In life everything happen as opportunity. If the door did not open do not force it. God opens the door and he plant people on your way to may His will fulfill in your life whether you are righteous or not. The principle behind all this is, as you are, in the inside of your mind so you will be in the outside.

You are what you are in the inside. Your life today is the shot out of what you are already. Your daily life and interest is a training preparing for the great opportunity that will make your destiny to be fulfill. You cannot be what you are not.

Events and News.

LET THESE PICTURES SPEAK: Pictures are kept to remember pleasant memories. These pictures decode good things that had happened or will happen.

1. The forth come Kaduna Miracle Crusade

2. Advocate International Schools.

3. Covenant International Church, Canada celebrating Rev Odogba”s birthday 4. Children dedication in Kaduna Chuech

5. Graduation of Bible school students at Rev Dr John Akpami”s Church at Zaria

Health Tips

  • Let food be as medicines
  • Medical examination two or three times a year will save you from emergency
  • Take your prescribed medication religiously
  • Be active and walk 3 km four times a week
  • Take good sleep and be happy. Stay around people that make you laugh

Eat for life not for pleasure


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